Sunday, January 24, 2010

Itty Bitty Valentine Annies

Today I've been busy trying to finish up orders for these tiny prim Raggedy Annie dolls. I purchased the pattern from Ragg Bagg Babys. I brought the first doll I made to my office last week and set her on my computer. My coworkers saw it asked me if I would make them up for their daughters for Valentine's day gifts. They are so cute, measuring 8 1/2 inches tall, but in their sitting position, posed with their little bent legs crossed, they are 5 inches high, making them perfect for tucking on a shelf.  I love the dress fabric.  I've had it in my stash for awhile and have been waiting for the perfect pattern come along.

1 comment:

ButtonBears&Raggedies said...

They are sooo cute. I love seeing your work.
Hugs Bev