Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Happy 28th Anniversary!

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary. Although we are saving our real celebration for an upcoming Hawaiian cruise, we reminisced about our wedding day after my husband pulled out this old wedding photo. Look what a difference 28 years has made.

Cabinet Makeover

A few posts ago I had shown this picture of an old wooden cabinet that had the hideous bright red calico background inside. It was a $5.00 Goodwill purchase. It took some thought before I decided what to use in the door that probably once held a mirror.

Here is the "BEFORE" photo:

Here is the "AFTER" photo:

I spray painted the cabinet in a flat black, then sanded it up a bit to add some age. Then I applied some walnut gel stain. I replaced the red fabric backing with a primitive dark sage green and rust colored calico print. On the front door I embroidered a stitchery of a primitive crow holding a pip berry branch onto a piece of muslin. I coffee stained the piece, then applied it to the inside of the door frame.

I think it turned out great.

I'll be working on some more GW purchases that need transformations as well.

My favorite little "Lady Bug" Annie doll just sold today on ebay. There are still two more Annies from the same design listed. Check out my these listings by clicking the ebay link on the right sidebar.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Latest Creations

I've had computer issues this past week. I was so upset when my computer would not boot up the other day. I tried all afternoon Sunday trying to get it working. Tried loading the recovery disk and nothing would work. I took it to the computer repair store and they were going to charge me $149 just to run a diagnostic test on it to see if if the hard drive could be restored, with no guarantee that it would fix the problem. I said never mind. I bought a new PC instead. I lost all of my pictures and files that had not been backed up. Let that be a lesson to make sure I periodically make back-up cd's of all of my files..........just in case it should happen again. I don't know what caused the problem, but I have been having problems every time I use Facebook and think that maybe the computer had a virus that attacked the hard drive. I'll never know for sure.

Since I've not had access to a computer for a few days, I had plenty of time for crafting. I've been making these Raggedy Annie dolls from a pattern by Cat and the Fiddle Designs. After I made the first one (Lady Bug Collector), I couldn't resist making more. Their faces are adorable. I have these three cuties listed on ebay.

I've also been working on the cabinet that I showed in my previous post. It's almost done and will show the finished results soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sewing and Thrifting

With autumn right around the corner, I've started working on more primitive raggedy Annie dolls. If you read the latest edition of Create and Decorate, you probably saw the pattern from Cindy Markovcy ( I couldn't resist making this sweet doll from her pattern that is featured in the magazine. Shown here is my version of her Harvest Doll pattern. I embroidered "Harvest Thyme" on her little apron. I hope to have her listed on ebay this weekend.

I went to four different thrift stores today looking for items that I could make over. Although I didn't have much luck, I did pick up this ugly little wall cabinet. What is with the red fabric background? Talk about hideous! Anyway I am trying to decide what to use in the door. I think it probably had a glass window at one time. I was thinking of painting a primitive saltbox scene, but it has an odd size opening (8.5 X 12 inches). I don't think I would find a canvas board in that size. I could also do a primitive stitchery. I even thought of using a punched tin. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Halloween Annie just listed on eBay - SOLD

In my last post I showed this primitive Halloween witch Annie doll that I was preparing to sell on eBay. I made some modifications on her and she is finally listed and ready for bidding on eBay. She has the sweetest expression on her face and her little black kitty is adorable. SOLD

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Autumn is quickly approaching

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. I don't get to enjoy it like I used to. We have lived in Florida for the past 14 years and we don't get the cool, clean air like we did up north. We go from hot summers to warm winter days. What happened to autumn? The only time you see any leaves drop in Florida is in March , then a week later they've been replaced with new growth. I guess in order to enjoy the fall season in the future I will have to go back to old New England where I was born and raised. When I think of fall in New England, I think of apple picking and taking day trips to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to take in all of the beautiful fall foliage, and hiking in the woods. With the way I'm rambling, can you tell I've had enough of this summer heat already?

I have finally started working on my primitive Annie dolls again in preparation for the holidays. I know I'm getting a late start. I've seen so many handmade creations for Halloween and Christmas from other crafters already but with sales being so sluggish on eBay, I've cut back on my own creativity.

Last year I purchased this pattern for a Witch Annie doll from Cat and the Fiddle Designs. I started putting it together yesterday and finished it up this afternoon. I will be listing it on eBay soon.

I have so many patterns and ideas I want to work on........but I'd better go finish my laundry first.