Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sewing and Thrifting

With autumn right around the corner, I've started working on more primitive raggedy Annie dolls. If you read the latest edition of Create and Decorate, you probably saw the pattern from Cindy Markovcy ( I couldn't resist making this sweet doll from her pattern that is featured in the magazine. Shown here is my version of her Harvest Doll pattern. I embroidered "Harvest Thyme" on her little apron. I hope to have her listed on ebay this weekend.

I went to four different thrift stores today looking for items that I could make over. Although I didn't have much luck, I did pick up this ugly little wall cabinet. What is with the red fabric background? Talk about hideous! Anyway I am trying to decide what to use in the door. I think it probably had a glass window at one time. I was thinking of painting a primitive saltbox scene, but it has an odd size opening (8.5 X 12 inches). I don't think I would find a canvas board in that size. I could also do a primitive stitchery. I even thought of using a punched tin. Does anyone have a suggestion?


Rustic Country Handcrafts said...

I have used hardware cloth or chicken wire on doors if you're looking for a country look.

Rustic Country Handcrafts

Laurie said...

Your doll is precious! And I can't wait to see what you come up with on the cabinet.

Janene said...

Here I am reading your post and I scroll down and see something so familiar...The cabinet!
I came across one exactly like that at the mobile home that we are redoing...exact same fabric in the back and everything...well, except mine had a mirror on the front. Unfortunately the people used mine in a shop and it smelled of old motor oil. I tried my hardest to remove the smell, but nothing worked.
I am so excited to see what you plan to do with yours!