Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dolls, Quilts and Rugs

This weekend has been very productive. I finished up a few projects that were in the works. Check out my selling blog to see my newest listings for my "Liberty" doll and Shaker Box quilted wallhanging.

I also want to share my newest project. Have you ever wondered what to do with your old fabric stash that you've been collecting for years? You thought you would make a quilt with some of it but never got around to it. You collected fabrics for doll making but always seemed to purchase new fabrics instead to make your dolls. Well that is what I do. My craft room is overrun with plastic tubs full of cotton prints. What to do? Well when I was at Joann's last week I saw "Locker Hooking Rug" supplies on the display shelf. It says to use 1" strips of fabric. That looked like a good way to use up my stash, so I bought the mesh backing, the locker hook, and the string. I found how-to instructions online explaining every step so I started with just a simple rug. There is no pattern to it. I just used up scraps and go around the perimeter, working my way toward the middle. It looks very country/primitive and would make an excellent bath mat or scatter rug. This photo shows how much I have completed. It's almost finished. I can't believe how fast it works up.

The next rug I make will have a design to it - maybe a sheep, or quilt block squares. The possibilities are endless. You could even use counted cross stitch patterns for your designs also.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that rug is too cool..thanks for I want to go and do it...:)