Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wall Shelf Makeover

This is a 48 inch shelf and painting that my daughter had bought at a craft fair. She offered them to me because she no longer had room for them in her new home. The shelf's original finish was a light pine stain. I repainted it black and primmed it up by sanding the edges, then rubbed on some walnut stain, followed by a light coating of paste wax to finish it up. I hung the shelf in my hallway and decorated it with the black prairie doll (this is the doll I have listed on Etsy, prairie dress, and herb ditty bag that I made. Then I added a few other decorative items. I had purchased the little basket from a thrift store, and the pip berry wreath I bought at the last craft fair I attended. I have a pattern to make a prairie bonnet that I also want to add to one of the pegs, so this is still a project in the works.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi Patti, you did a wonderful job on that shelf..and I love how you have it decorated..have a great rest of your weekend.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti,
I have the same shelf that is also made of pine. I've been wanting to paint it and I love how the black looks. Everything on your shelf looks great!!

Betsy said...

Your shelf remake looks really good. I really like the herb ditty bag you made.
Have a great evening.

Rustic Country Handcrafts said...

Hey Sis,

I love the look! Great job. Sounds like you're having a blast these days. Keep up the good work (or play?).