Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shaker Boxes, Pigs and Candles

This morning I finished up some of my projects and took pictures that I had promised on my last post.

I placed my candle holder on my kitchen counter until I find a better home for it. I had purchased a Paula Deen candle jar in a Creme Brulee scent. It just seemed too heavy to hang on the wall. Perhaps just a plain round candle could be used.

My pig cutting board now sits above my kitchen cabinets along with all of my other primitive kitchen utensils and baskets. These pigs are becoming a common collectible. I had recently seen a tutorial on how to make your own pig cutting board. Now I wish I had never given away my scroll saw when we moved to Florida. (Maybe it's time to buy a new one.)

Here is a picture of my shaker boxes that I completed this morning. I had purchased a set of three paper mache round boxes from Michael's. After base coating them with black paint, I painted a top coat on each of them in different prim colors of Folk Art acrylic paints, then applied a coat of dark brown Briwax. They look so old, like they had been hidden away in an old barn for years. I made my own labels on my computer, primmed them up with a coffee, vanilla and cinnamon mixture and applied them using a thin coat of Mod Podge. I am really pleased with the way they turned out.


basketsnprims said...

What a great job you have done. I adore those shaker boxes. Have a wonderful day.

Downriver Primitives said...

Everything looks great. I LOVE how your prim boxes turned out, great job. You've given me the inspiration to make my own ;)

You should definitely buy a new scroll saw. Let me know if you find a good deal.

Kath said...

Hi Patti!
Oh, everything looks GREAT.
Love your boxes :)
I have that same Paula candle, smells so yummy love it on your candle holder!

hope ya had a wonderful day.
hugs, Kath

Jody said...

Wow those boxes are wonderful! Nice work!